Block Steel is Best Equipped To Serve You Better!

Block Steel’s 165,000 square foot service center contains the most advanced steel processing technology. This equipment, coupled with experienced personnel and an extensive inventory, allows us to meet your most demanding quality and delivery requirements.

Our most recent advancement, a precision cut-to-length multi-cut blanking line achieves the tightest tolerances and blanking capabilities. This 60″ multi-cut blanking and leveling line is equipped with multi-roll shape correction levelers to greatly improve flatness and minimize burr.

Our 50,000 lb. 72″ slitter also has multi-roll shape correction levelers to ensure the highest quality finished product.

  • Synchro-wind tensioning device guarantees larger P.I.W. slit coils that are tight and evenly wound.
  • Multi-roll shape correction leveler provides flatness better than mill standards!
  • Computer controlled X-ray gauge ensures thickness will be within ordered tolerances.
  • Shimless tooling provides closer and exact width tolerances.
  • Visual inspection station with upper/lower mirrors and lights helps assure quality.
  • Minimized burr and camber.

Multi-Cut Blanking Line

Block Steel’s cut-to-length Multi-Cut Blanking Line produces the highest quality blanks cut to the exact width, length, and squareness required. Proven quality that can’t be beat!

Multi-Cut Blanking Line Capacity – 30,000# / .012-.120 x 60″ wide.

Herr Voss Shape Correction Leveler – Five High, 19 roll, to improve flatness.

Gripper Pads – Designed to process surface critical coils without marking.

Multi-Cut Slitter – Has edge trim capability and produces blanks to +/-.005 width and length tolerances.

Automatic Camber Control System – Guarantees exceptionally square blanks.

Drop/Air/Strip Floatation Stacker – Prevents surface scratches and dents on the most surface critical exposed applications.

Block Steel