Learn More About Aluminized Steel

Block Steel offers high quality aluminized steel cut to specifications for just about any application. This steel is fused with aluminum while being forged, making it more resistant to heat and corrosion. Companies in the automotive, restaurant, construction, and other industries use aluminized steel for applications that involve high temperatures. In today’s post, we will learn more about what makes aluminized steel a popular option in so many industries.

Facts About Aluminized Steel

Available since the 1950s, aluminized steel is a carbon steel that features a thin aluminum coating that increases its ability to resist corrosion and rust. It is more successful than galvanized steel in resisting atmospheric affects and salt spray, allowing it to last much longer. It is excessively strong, with Type 1 resisting heat and oxidation up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit without any discoloration, and it can maintain its strength up to 1250 degrees. This makes it an ideal material for ovens, stoves, grills, and engine parts that have to withstand higher temperatures.

Aluminized Steel Cut to Your Specifications

Not only can we supply you with strong, durable aluminized steel, but we can also pre-cut it to your specifications, saving you time and streamlining your processes and allowing you to keep your production running on schedule. If you need quality aluminized steel for your business, contact the professionals at Block Steel and let them know how they can help.

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