Quality Aluminized Steel for Various Industries

For more than 70 years, Block Steel has been providing aluminized steel to clients throughout the United States. No matter what industry your company serves, you can rely on us to provide you with the highest quality of aluminized steel on the market to ensure that your products meet those same high standards. Not only can we provide you with steel, but we also have the capabilities to cut the steel to your exact specifications, so your steel will be ready to go into production as soon as it arrives at your facility. In today’s post, we’ll discuss just a few of the many industries that benefit from aluminized steel products from Block Steel.

Aluminized Steel for the Automotive Industry

Aluminized steel is the perfect option for the fabrication of reliable auto parts. Aluminized steel is resistant to corrosion, so auto parts made with this steel won’t oxidize and rust as quickly as parts made from traditional steel. Aluminized steel is also resistant to heat, so it will hold strong even under extreme driving conditions. Aluminized Steel works well for tailpipes, heat shields, mufflers, oil pans, filter covers, and many other engine parts. If you need quality steel for your auto parts production, contact Block Steel to request a quote for what you need.

Build Long-Lasting Appliances with Aluminized Steel

People expect their appliances to perform well and last for a long time for the investment they make. When appliances are made using aluminized steel, they will have superior strength and durability. The heat resistance of aluminized steel makes it the perfect option for ovens, stoves, toasters, dryers, or any other appliance that generates a lot of heat, including barbecue grills and smokers. It is also a great option for making long-lasting pans, skillets, and bakeware. If you are looking for high quality steel for producing appliances people can depend on, feel free to contact us for more information.

Other Applications that Benefit from Aluminized Steel

There are several other applications for which aluminized steel is the perfect option. Water heaters are a great example, as the heat resistant and corrosion resistant properties are perfect for water heaters of all sizes. Aluminized steel is also perfect for making long-lasting furnaces, incinerators, industrial ovens, and much, much more.

The experienced professionals at Block Steel are always eager to provide clients throughout the country with aluminized steel of the highest quality. For more information about the aluminized steel we offer, you can contact us, or you can request a quote for the aluminized steel your company needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

Aluminized Steel Facts